Real Estate

When you are in a legal situation involving real estate, your choice of hiring an experienced and reputable attorney is important.  Almost all real estate matters consist of highly complex laws which require the attorney’s complete attention and dedication due to the significant amount of time and money involved.

Manny Chahal understands and provides business and legal advice for all stakeholders in the real estate industry, including but not limited to:

  • Owners;
  • Investors;
  • Capital providers;
  • Appraisers;
  • Investment Companies;
  • Small-business owners;
  • Title Companies;
  • Developers;
  • Landlords;
  • Tenants;
  • Builders; and
  • Contractors

Manny Chahal has served the State of Michigan with  commercial transaction work such as the buying and selling of improved and unimproved land.

For these clients, Manny Chahal assists with virtually all facets of real estate, including:

  • Real Property contracts;
  • Residential home sales;
  • Commercial property sales;
  • Construction;
  • Contractors and design professionals;
  • Financing and Lending;
  • Homeowner’s associations;
  • Condominiums;
  • Landlord-tenant;
  • Foreclosures and deficiency;
  • Eminent domain;
  • Zoning, land use and building permits;
  • Boundaries and easements;
  • Title; and
  • Liens

Manny Chahal approaches his duties for you with the same attitude that guides him in all practice areas:  a belief in excellence, integrity and credibility.

Manny Chahal is able to assist both individuals and businesses in everything from simple to complex real estate transactions.  Manny Chahal brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to assist individuals and businesses involved in real estate transactions throughout the State of Michigan.

If you are faced with a real estate legal issue and would like to learn more about your options, Manny Chahal can provide you with a free initial consultation.   Manny Chahal will explain to you what options exist in your particular situation and are able to answer all your real estate questions during your free consultation.